About company

митрополит герман курскThe Kursk Funeral Company is a quickly developing commercial organization that has its own manufacturing facilities and works with the blessing of His Eminence German, the Metropolitan of Kursk and Rylsk. We are the sole company in Kursk that is a member of the funeral organizations and crematoriums. Our logistic base enables us to sell funeral items and provide funeral assistance with a minimum surcharge. In its 7 years of work, our company has won the trust of citizens and partners, which is corroborated by letters of thanks and references about our company.

Our company incorporates the network of funeral shops V Posledny Put… offering a wide variety of high quality, low cost goods (products) and a funeral service that helps in settling ALL the issues related to arranging funerals. An operator on duty will answer all questions round the clock and help to fulfil all the tasks he is asked about. If necessary, our agent will visit the customer at home at any time of day or night.

First of all, we are prepared to fully and efficiently help to satisfy all the requests of our customers in order to ease, as much as we can, their pain of losing their loved ones. Our service helps to arrange the funeral of their dear people so that the send-off ceremony proceeds in a beautiful and dignified fashion.

The Kursk Funeral Company offers competitive prices, decent quality and absolute reliability. We consider all versions of mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation.

The Kursk Funeral Company is also an honorary member of the Entrepreneurial Initiatives Support Foundation (EISF). Its director has been awarded a badge of distinction “For Impeccable Business Reputation.”