Burial procession services

Our company provides transportation and burial procession services in Kursk, Kursk oblast, the Russian Federation and CIS countries. The drivers are cleared for carrying coffins, have a rich experience in transporting the dead and will help you in addressing the problems that may arise on the road.

ритуальный транспорт уаз   ритуальный транспорт уаз Minivan UAZ for carrying a coffin and 6 attendees.
Minivan GAZel for carrying a coffin and 5 to 6 attendees.
ритуальный транспорт заказать   ритуальный транспорт заказать Special purpose bus Ford-Tranzit, built in 2014, with air conditioning and coffin handling system. Accommodates 13 funeral attendees.
ритуальный транспорт паз курск      Bus PAZ for transporting a coffin and 20 to 25 funeral attendees.

For a high style funeral, we offer the Kursk VIP hearse. This is a Ford VIP class motor vehicle:

ритуальный транспорт форд   ритуальный транспорт форд


The special purpose vehicle Ford of VIP class was built in 2016. A comfortable vehicle with a refrigeration unit and extractable coffin handling device. Accommodates 10 funeral attendees.