Refrigerated chamber

The Kursk Funeral Company “The Last Journey” provides a complete package of professional services, including storage of dead persons’ bodies.

It is known that many Russian morgues still work in compliance with regulations approved by the Presidium of the Medical Workers Trade Union Central Committee in 1964, which require, with reference to dead body preservation, the following: a dedicated freezing installation must work in the cold room; the benches should measure 1.8 x 0.6 m. The developed countries have nearly fully switched to using cold rooms with individual cabinets. In our morgues of Kursk, due to the increased mortality rate, we are sometimes short of cold rooms with freezing equipment which is why bodies lie on top of one another (occasionally even in the morgue corridors)

In order to preserve the lifelike appearance of your loved ones until the funeral, we provide individual refrigerated storage cabinets.

Refrigerated body storage cabinet
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