Funeral services in Kursk

курская ритуальная служба We help you make your loved one’s last journey memorable and dignified. Be sure that with us you won’t face your grief alone.
Consulting and legal issues:
o    Free 24-hour dispatcher service consulting on all funeral-related issues;
o    Free prompt arrival of our agent at the deceased’s home or any other location requested by the customer;
o    Free visit of our representative outside of Kursk;
o    Filing of all the documents required for burial;
o    Acceptance of orders and conclusion of preliminary (life-time) agreements for arranging funerals with supply of a wide variety of funeral accessories;  
o    Burial plots in the cemeteries of Kursk proper and the Kursk district;
Preserving the corpse:
o    Embalming, sanitary and cosmetic treatment of the deceased;
o    Refrigerated chamber;
o    Ablution;
o    Dressing;
o    Burial procedure, including in the customer’s absence;  
o    A team of bearers;
o    A team of gravediggers;  
o    Accompaniment of the funeral procession by our representative;
o    All types of  hearse vehicle (UAZ, GAZel, PAZ, Ford-Transit, NewFord);
o    Buses for the funeral attendees (Gazel, PAZ, Ford-Transit);
o    Funeral band;
Mourning ceremonies:
o    Mourning hall;
o    Arranging and conducting the burial service at a church, at home, at the cemetery;
o    Arrangement of civil funeral rites, of banquet halls in any district of Kursk;
o    Home-style cuisine;
Grave care:
o    Manufacture of monuments from natural stone;
o    Manufacture of enclosures, tables, and benches;
o    Delivery and installation of our products;
o    Maintenance of the grave;
Other services:
o    Cremation;
o    Exhumation and reburial, aid in obtaining permits;
o    Preparation of the cargo 200 (zinc-lined coffin for transportation) with collection of all required shipping documents;
o    Transportation of the deceased across the Russian Federation and abroad;
o    Arrangement of relatives’ trips to the grave to mark the deceased’s memorial days;


Aid and consultation on all the issues that interest you are available round the clock by calling: 00 +7 (4712) 31-09-34, +7-910-731-09-34.

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