Agent call

Funeral services

Solve questions:

  • Free 24-hour dispatcher service consulting on all funeral-related issues;
  • Free visit of our representative outside;
  • Filing of all the documents required for burial;
  • Acceptance of orders and conclusion of preliminary (life-time) agreements for arranging funerals with supply of a wide variety of funeral accessories;


Mourning ceremonies

  • Mourning hall;
  • Arranging and conducting the burial service at a church, at home, at the cemetery;
  • Arrangement of civil funeral rites, of banquet halls in any district of Kursk;
  • Home-style cuisine;

Grave care

  • Manufacture of monuments from natural stone;
  • Manufacture of enclosures, tables, and benches;
  • Delivery and installation of our products;
  • Maintenance of the grave.