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Embalming is a procedure that makes it possible to counteract decomposition of the deceased’s body. Embalming the body of your loved one will preserve it for a fairly long time. Embalming involves disinfection of the dying tissues by formalin. However, ideally, it is recommended to use an individual selection of solutions and active compounds. Our experts will help you to carry out this procedure as correctly as possible and with the best result. You can learn the cost of embalming in Kursk at home, the ablution, the embalming and body cosmetic makeup: our specialists will inform you by telephone.

Embalming implies the treatment of not only the outer skin layer, but also internal organs of the deceased. That is why the choice of an experienced expert in this area is very important. We guarantee you the most painstaking care in performance of those procedures, taking into account the illnesses the deceased suffered from in his/her lifetime. This point is quite essential since illnesses affect the structure and appearance of internal organs and skin. It is necessary to choose the right compounds and apply proper embalming techniques with due regard to all these factors.

We shall help you cope with the painful loss, and will give the deceased the look of a living person. After all, family members and relatives often find it hard to bear the burial procedure since the face and body of the dead may retain vestiges of devastating diseases, injuries and damages. This further reminds them of the sufferings of the deceased and his tragic departure.

The specialists of our service will help you avoid such heartbreaking moments, making your loved one’s appearance as natural as possible. In addition, following the embalming, the unpleasant smell that occurs in such situations for various reasons will be gone. The embalming procedure has been known since ancient times, when our ancestors mummified their outstanding dead. It is now applied using the newest preparations. We also can, upon request, perform this procedure at your home.

Embalming the dead is done in each case by an individual method. Depending on the circumstances, we choose a specific solution composition for embalming, and the method of introducing the compound (upon the customer’s wish and with regard to the complexity of the situation). The resultant cost of embalming is determined by these factors.