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Reburial and exhumation

Reburial and exhumation

However hard and painful it may be, sometimes the dead have to be disturbed. This is not necessarily connected with investigative operations. In real life, situations occur in which it is necessary to rebury the remains of dead relatives.

This may happen due to the fact that the will of the deceased person concerning his/her resting place was not met; or he/she was buried without observance of relevant honors and not in an individual grave. Reburial is always a stressful event for family members and relatives. We will do everything to ensure this upsetting procedure brings you as little worry and suffering as possible. Our experts will help you to obtain all the required documents and settle all the legal formalities.

Reburial is a sophisticated and rare procedure. The family members and relatives of the deceased decide on it after weighing the pros and cons of this event. In Russia, rather strict requirements are applied to an exhumation, especially if the reburial takes place in less than three years after the last burial. In this case, one of the mandatory requirements is the use of a zinc-lined container into which the original wooden coffin is placed.

Reburial in the Russian Federation requires the following documents:

• a certificate of death;
• a certificate from the Sanitary-Epidemiological Inspectorate;
• a permit from the Interior Directorate;
• a receipt proving payment for services of the cemetery at which the reburial will be made;
• a contract of reservation.

The moral aspect of reburial is an extremely complex issue. In any case, an exhumation or reburial may do a serious moral damage to the dead person’s relatives even if they themselves decided on this. Turn to us for help that you are sure to receive. In good time, professionally, with sympathy and understanding, we will answer all your inquiries about what is needed to rebury a person, how much the procedure costs and so on.

Exhumation is an inevitable component of the reburial process. Our specialists will help you to promptly file all the required documents, such as a certificate from the Sanitary-Epidemiological Inspectorate, a certificate of death, and a permit for exhumation. Also, as in the case with the original burial procedure, we guarantee the observance of all the relevant honors and provision of a plot in the cemetery.

Reburial and exhumation are very complex procedures in terms of organization and technology. Only dedicated specialists can do this with observance of all the procedural standards and sectoral directions. Therefore, once such a necessity emerges, do not plunge into the complicated and upsetting details on your own. Just call us and we shall take upon ourselves the problems, which otherwise would plague you. Our specialists will tackle your case from beginning to end, starting with assistance in getting an exhumation permit and ending with transportation of the remains.

Mourning over the loss and the need to subject the body of your loved one to the disturbing reburial, you must save yourself from added worries. Our specialists will take up the entire process of obtaining the required documents and completing the legal formalities. You can learn from our specialists how much to pay for the reburial. We will tell you how to rebury a dead person. Be assured that next to you there will be a specialist who will protect you against the stress which is inevitable under such circumstances. Turning to us, you will save not only time and strength. You will save something priceless, your health. We guarantee affordable prices, high quality and a narrow timeframe. You can trust us.